Software, Sector Files & Documentation

Software to provide Air Traffic Control services on VATSIM is free. You have a choice of which software you prefer to use, though we recommend taking into account the popularity of the clients in your division and therefore the help available for you during your training.

Currently all ATC clients are only available for Windows

Virtual Radar Client

Virtual Radar Client (VRC), designed by Ross Carlson, is designed for ease of use and to de-clutter your radar display. This client is still used by many in the VATSIM world due to it’s excellent documentation, stability and low setup time. VATCA currently does not provide sector files or support for this ATC client.


Designed by Gergely Csernak and currently the most popular ATC client on the network, EuroScope (ES) is custom-able and designed to simulate real-life radar software. It also features an innovative display, automatic controller coordination, and a built-in simulation system. This is also the default ATC client for VATCA and the only one we provide support for.

VATCA Sector Files and ATC Resources

*Sector Files are currently available only through our Discord server.

List of approved ATC Frequencies and Facilities: Frecuencias ATC

Transponder/Squawk Codes: Codigos Transponder