VATCA Incident Report

VATCA Incident Report

On this page you can report any incident to the DCRM when a violation of the VATSIM Code of Conduct (CoC) or VATSIM Code of Regulations (CoR) occurs.

The purpose is none other than to procure an environment of healthy coexistence in the simulated airspace, to obtain this, these precise rules were created.

If there is no evidence of the incident or if the description of the regulations that were violated is not established, this report will not be considered and will be discarded.

Guidelines to follow in case of conflict between members:

  1. Try to resolve the conflict directly with the other user.
  2. If this is not possible, request the assistance of a Network Supervisor (SUP) or Administrator (ADM). Your intervention will seek the resolution of the conflict and guarantee the start of a disciplinary procedure, if it becomes necessary. This is achieved by typing the command .wallop followed by a help request message (in English), for example: “I need help”. This message will convene the participation of some Online Supervisor.
  3. If you do not get the requested online assistance, you can fill out the form provided on this site to report the incident and let our DCRM take care of the case and seek resolution of the conflict.
  4. Take note of the largest amount of relevant information, such as date and time, place, people involved (callsigns and names), flight plans, and other circumstances that give clarity about the incident.
  5. Please note that if you are going to make a report, it is important that you complete the form completely, and, as far as possible, that you have the documents that support your statement, such as screenshots, private conversations by text or voice, mention of witnesses, etc. These will be of great value if the DCRM considers it feasible to open an investigation. The corresponding files should be sent to both and
  6. Any additional questions can be consulted directly to the division staff by emailing and or
Example: 13/january/2018 - MROC
If "Yes" fill the next question
Example: MROC_TWR / Jose Gonzalez
Example: AA3452 / Nick Leuck
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