VATCA TeamSpeak

VATCA have a Teamspeak server that is available to all its users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is an essential tool for coordination between air traffic controllers (ATC), ATC training sessions and pilots, to gather pilots of virtual airlines and flight groups or just to chat. This is a great resource to make many friends in our Division, and best of all, like everything else in VATSIM, is free.

In our website you will soon find everything you need to know to become an Air Traffic Controller or a Virtual Pilot. However, this is not always enough. Sometimes it is much quicker, easier and fun to talk to someone directly, to clear up the doubts that eventually appear in our readings. It is for you to have that opportunity that VATCA offers a voice channel through Teamspeak software.

Go to the Teamspeak website and download the appropriate TS3 client version for your operating system. Please note that our server is only compatible with Teamspeak 3.

1. Open your Teamspeak 3 client and click the Connections menu and the Connect option.

2. Fill in the Server Address field with the address

3. Fill in the Nickname field with your name and last name, followed by your VATSIM ID, for example: “José Gonzalez – 1250140”.

4. Leave the Server Password field empty.

5. Click Connect. If you have any problem registering or connecting to our server, contact us via email, report the problem and request help.