Virtual Airlines

What is a Virtual Airline?

A Virtual Airline (VA) is a member-driven group which aims to simulate the flights and operations of an airline, charter operation or flying club. Some may be based on real world companies while others are fictional. The route structure of virtual airlines may be regional, national, continental, or global.

Each VA is different in terms of how “realistic” it is in different areas: for example; ranking structure, the amount of training required to fly different aircraft types, the corporate management structure, and standard operating procedures.  This wide variety almost guarantees there is a VA using our network that should suit your individual needs.

VATCA Virtual Airlines

VATCA maintains a list of approved Virtual Airlines, each Airline has different things to offer, so we invite you to click on each of the pages before deciding which of them you want to fly. If you wish you can belong to 2 or 3, as long as you comply with the statutes of each of them.

!Go and know your next Virtual Airline!

Ticos Airways Virtual is a virtual airline developed to simulate the operations of an airline. It is an association of fans and lovers of Flight Simulator and is unrelated to any real airline. Our team is focused and willing to do whatever we need to do to make this airline a success! We do not settle for average, and are always searching for new ways to improve ourselves and the airline

Ticos Airways Virtual

CEO: Jose Gonzalez


Whether you’re a novice, or an expert pilot, we aim to provide you with the opportunity to master the art of flying. We strive to not only provide you with a unique platform to refine and build your flight skills and experience, but also build lifelong connections, around the world. Our first priority is providing you with a first class, real- time, flight experience, through the use of real-world information.

ATLAS Virtual Airline

CEO: Steven Gonzalez


AEROCARGO INTERNACIONAL VIRTUAL, is a virtual cargo airline to enjoy flight simulators FS9, FSX and Prepar3D.

Aerocargo Virtual Airline

CEO: Fernando Angel Gonzalez